American buff geese are a relatively calm and quiet goose and a lovely addition to the farm yard.

This small chicken is a jungle fowl, one of the earliest breeds of chicken in the world. They are very independent and hardy.

The diverse landscape of our property allows for farming a variety of animals in natural settings.

Welcome to our site! Here you can learn more about us, our farm and our animals, and keep checking back for more information. Also visit us on Facebook - Bioscapefarm

Bioscape Farm is our family farm located on a beautiful patch of land in Vanderhoof, BC. Our philosophy is sustainable farming practices, pasture and natural grain raised animals, and heritage breed conservation. We work hard to provide a diversity of quality animals and products for our customers, that are raised in healthy environments and are free of hormones. At Bioscape Farm, we have meat, eggs, fibre, honey, breeding animals and more and are continually finding ways to use everything our farm has to offer us while maintaining our farm as naturally and sustainability as we can.

PRICELIST (March 2019) - check it out! You can now buy meat from us during the week in downtown Vanderhoof. Text Michelle 250-570-8560 for the details.

Also - keep an eye out on our Facebook page as I post specials on there at least once a month.

2018 in Review

Although the weather wasn't coorperative and the fires/smoke in our region consumed most of our summer's attention we had a good year. My vegetable garden was less than ideal, but we filled our cold room and have enough for the year, plus we were able to sell some at the Farmer's Market this year.

We have lots of beautiful purebred large black piglets and we plan on having more in the spring of 2019. If you are looking for some great pigs to raise, give us a call. Our plan is to have some piglets on hand all year long.

We had over 60 lambs born on the farm this year - it was crazy! , and our pasture didn't grow has nice as previous years, but we still have yummy lamb meat available for sale now! Plus, we have many ewes for sale if you are interested in starting your own flock.

We hatched out many baby chickens, geese and turkeys. And we were very pleased by the number of turkey eggs we got from our girls and their great hatch rate. We plan on having more turkeys and other chicks for sale again next spring and summer.

Please simply email us with any inquiries on our range of farm products.

Bioscape Farm Gift Certificates

Buy gift certificates for friends and family to use on our farm products year round! Available in $20 amounts, these certificates help support local agriculture as well as promotes healthy eating for your loved ones. Contact us to buy gift certificate and to learn more.

Heritage Breed Conservation

Heritage breeds are long standing purebred breeds. Many heritage breeds have been selected against, as crosses or hybrid breeds are often more productive. For us, the work of conserving the genetics of these breeds, as well as the fact that heritage breeds have milder temperments are the main factor in our decision to raise heritage breeds. Often heritage breeds are more hardy in harsher climates (like where we live), but may yield fewer offspring. As small scale farmers, the fewer offspring is easier to manage and easier on the mothers!


We live off grid, so everything is done with a thought to energy conservation. For example, how can we heat buildings, raise chicks, and work safely with limited power resources? This creates additional challenges, especially being in northern BC where winter can be long and cold! But energy conservation is part of our overall goal of sustainable farming.

We have over 300 acres of fields and forests and strive to use them to their fullest potential. Our goal is to pasture our animals in environments natural to them - our pigs spend their summers in the forest, hidden under trees and wallowing in naturally low wet areas. Our sheep spend their time roaming the fields, feasting on the diversity of vegetation they provide. Our sheep are never grain fed - always grass or locally sourced quality hay.

Local is important to us as it directly affects our ecological footprint. When we need to direct feed our animals, we look locally first. This keeps our environmental footprint lower than buying even organic feed that is made out of province and shipped here. Vanderhoof is known for its hay production, as well as barley and oats, and the crop farmers we work with in Vanderhoof are responsible and environmentally focussed as well.


We enjoy walking out to the farm yard and seeing a whole range of animals, from ducks to pigs to sheep to bee hives, set within a context of forest, wetlands, barns and fields. We are always working to find the best breeds for our land and our lifestyle. We have five children, so we tend to select breeds that are smaller, easier to handle and have a milder disposition. But having said that, we are continually growing and if need be, changing which breeds we have at Bioscape Farm. Check back to our website or Facebook page often to see what else is living at Bioscape Farm!